Sunglo 100 Series



“Tried and proven" show feed for developing pigs in the 45 - 275 pound weight range.

The 100 Series has been the "workhorse" of the Sunglo line with a well deserved reputation of maximizing gain and muscle after the starter period. Feeds of this series have guarantees of 20% Protein, 1.2% Lysine and 5.5% Fat, along with high levels of vitamins and minerals.

S-101 is medicated with 100 grams/ton of Tylan®, which gives good control of dysentery and ileitis and has no withdrawal. This is truly a "complete" feed, requiring no additional supplements unless you need to adjust energy intake for final show ring condition. A normal feeding plan for this product would be to self-feed until pigs weigh at least 125 pounds. Then evaluate for desired growth rate and condition and either continue self-feeding this product up to 200 pounds or begin hand-feeding this diet at a reduced rate.

S-104 contains 200 g/ton of Lincomycin and can reduce the severity of pneumonia in swine. Feed as the sole ration to pigs weighing 44 pounds in body weight to 250 pounds.