Sunglo 500 Series



This 18% protein line is quickly becoming the feed of choice in the Sunglo line to develop show pigs.

The 500 Series can be postioned across a wide range of genetics to achieve optimal growth, muscling and condition. This line guarantees 18% Protein, 1.10% Lysine and 5.5% Fat.

S-501 medicated with Tylan is the most used product in the 500 Series. Tylan does not require a withdrawl time.

S-505 can be used to de-worm show pigs. This feed contains Fenbendazole (Safeguard®) at 32.66 mg/lb. Feed 12 1/2 lb. for every 100 lb. of body weight of the pigs to be wormed over 3-12 days (5 lb./day for 3 days for pigs weighing 120 lb.).

This will supply Fenbendazole at the rate of 9 mg per kg body weight (4.08 mg/lb). Feed as the sole ration. No prior withdrawal of feed or water is necessary.