Sunglo 800 Series



A pelleted starter that maximizes bloom on weaned pigs.

The 800 Series is a pelleted starter that maximizes bloom on weaned pigs, plus it makes a great creep feed. 800 is very similar to 700 but with more energy. This feed can be used alone or in conjunction with the 700 Series to get the finish just right on pigs that differ in genetic type and look. The 800 Series is gaining a reputation as "the best pig starter made!"


The 800 Series has guarantees of 19% Protein, 1.4% Lysine, 5.5% Fat and 0.7% Phosphorus. S-800 is medicated with 50 gr per ton of Mecadox. Use 25 to 50 pounds on pigs as a first feed when bringing them home from a show or another farm. It gives them more energy to keep healthy through stress.


S-801 is the same as S-800 but medicated with Tylan, allowing for a change in medications in small pigs. If you want to go with a high fat, highly palatable feed for a short time at the end of the feeding period, using S-801 is a way you can do that without worrying about drug withdrawal.


S-803 contains the popular starter medication combination of Denagard and Aureomycin (CTC). The 800 Series is positioned as the second stage in the Sunglo Show Pig/Breeder Program used to maximize bloom on weaned pigs. The 800 Series works best if used after First Response and until optimum bloom is obtained.