RactoLean was developed to incorporate the tremendous benefits of Paylean while supporting your animal against stress and the structural pressures that rapid growth encourages.

Why use RactoLean?
RactoLean is a fortified nutritional supplement containing nutrients to enhance the effectiveness of Ractopamine.

Feeding Directions
RactoLean may be fed once pigs reach 150 lbs. and is approved for use up to 240 lbs. RactoLean should be thoroughly hand-mixed into a complete feed. (It is best to have a reliable method, such as a scale for measuring in ounces). Follow the table on the bucket to mix a 18 gram level of ractolean. Following this table will provide the maximum allowable inclusion of Ractopamine-HCL in swine diets (18 g/ton). A lower inclusion can be achieved by simply decreasing the inclusion of RactoLean in the total blend.
We recommend starting at a lower inclusion level, and then stepping it up incrementally. Once you reach a certain level, you should maintain your inclusion at that rate. You should not decrease your inclusion, only increase or maintain the level.


Ractopamine HCl should not be fed to breeding animals. The inclusion of Ractopamine HCl is regulated by federal law at a feeding rate not to exceed 18 g of Ractopamine per ton of complete feed. Do not feed undiluted.


The Winning Combination!
VitaLean and RactoLean were developed to complement each other, and provide optimal results when fed together to market animals. VitaLean encourages lean muscle expression early in the growth curve, as well as supporting health and vitality. RactoLean provides the finishing touches later in the feeding cycle, at that critical time when lean growth is competing with fat deposition.
Together, VitaLean and RactoLean provide the Winning Combination for the results you deserve.