VitaLean is specially formulated with the most scientifically balanced nutritional knowledge currently available. No other supplement contains the LEVEL or COMBINATION of L-Carnitine and Chromium Tripicolinate, plus added amino acids, organic minerals, and unique proteins.


VitaLean is designed to be fed at a rate of 1/2 ounce (1 scoop) per head per day. To be used as a topdressing in conjunction with a quality nutrition program for pigs between 50-250lbs.


The most concentrated and balanced nutritional show pig supplement available.


What does VitaLean contain?
Our exclusive L-Carnitine / Chromium Tripicolinate / Lysine package. L-Carnitine and Chromium work together to improve the efficiency of energy utilization resulting in improved lean muscle development.

Feeding recommendations

VitaLean should be offered to pigs starting at 50 to 75 lbs and continued to finish. If started prior to 100 lbs, ½ ounce of VitaLean per day can be used throughout the entire feeding program. However, if starting pigs after 100 lbs, feed 1 ounce per day until the end of the feeding program.

How long will my bucket last?

If fed according to the feeding directions, one bucket of VitaLean will last 160 days (one pig). (5 lb pail = 80 ounces = 160, 1/2 oz feedings)

Safe for all pigs!

VitaLean contains no drugs, has no withdraw period, and is safe for all classes of swine.


One 5-pound pail of VitaLean is sufficient for feeding one pig from 50 to 75 pounds until finish. At only 38 cents per day, VitaLean provides the most advanced, concentrated source of supplemental nutrients. No other supplement will compare!